These three videos provide a look at some of the hidden images Dale Larner discovered in Van Gogh's Irises painting which relate to the Ripper victim, Mary Kelly, and how there are matches between what's hidden in the irises and what's seen in the photo of Mary's body on her bed.

This is an early attempt at creating a promo for the book.

An hour long radio interview of Dale Larner with Burl Barer, Mark Boyer, & the late Howard Lapidus. Lots of fun, and lots of information covered. Listen to on Spotify.


This video was created for a Kickstarter project (no longer active). Dale Larner provides a summary of the process of researching and writing the book and the difficulties trying to get it out to the world.y.


TinfoilTom does an excellent job presenting the concept with an open mind and touching on some of the matches. Listen on Spotify.

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